International Stasys Vainiūnas Competition for pianists

International Stasys Vainiūnas Competition for pianists

Olga Kuzmina, Ukraine

Participant data

Name of the educational insititution НМАУ им. Чайковского, Киев

Olga Kuzmina (1993) graduated from Luhansk Musical College in 2012. In the same year she started her studies at the Kiev Conservatory. The pianist has played in many international festivals and competitions including "The 21st Century Art" in Finland and Lithuania (in both she was awarded with the first prize). Olga has also participated in masterclasses led by Semion Balshem and M. A. Arkadiev


  1. Johann Sebastian Bach | Partita No. 6 · E minor · BWV 830
  2. Sergei Prokofiev | Piano Sonata No. 6 · A major · op. 82
  3. Stasys Vainiūnas | "Fields Of Home" · Blooming Lily Of The Valley · op. 31


  1. Claude Debussy | Estampes
  2. Stasys Vainiūnas | "Little Insect Suite" · op. 7
  3. Frederic Chopin | Polonaise-Fantaisie · A flat major · op. 61


  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Piano Concerto No. 23 · A major · KV 488