International Stasys Vainiūnas Competition for pianists

International Stasys Vainiūnas Competition for pianists

Martyna Kloniūnaitė, Lithuania

Participant data

Name of the educational insititution Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija, Vilnius

In 2017 the pianist Martyna Kloniūnaitė (1992) finished her master studies in piano at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre where she studied under the professor Sergejus Okruško. In 2014 with the duo "Presto" she won the third prize as well as special award for the best performance of a Stasys Vainiūnas piece at the 7th International Stasys Vainiūnas Piano and Chamber Ensemble Competition, the chamber music category. In 2016 she studied at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the class of professor Ivari Ilja. The following year the pianist was awarded with the first prize at the 17th International Competition of Lithuanian Composers for a Chamber Music Performance. Martyna participated in masterclasses led by famous artists. She has also been awarded with letters of honor from the President of Republic of Lithuania, ministers of education, mayors.


  1. Johann Sebastian Bach | French Suite No. 2 · C minor · BWV 813
  2. Sergei Prokofiev | Piano Sonata No. 2 · D minor · op. 14
  3. Stasys Vainiūnas | "Fields Of Home" · Blooming Lily Of The Valley · op. 31


  1. Stasys Vainiūnas | "Eight Moods" Dalys: 3 · op. 43
    • No. 1
    • No. 3
    • No. 5
  2. Stasys Vainiūnas | "Eight Moods" · No. 3 · op. 43
  3. Stasys Vainiūnas | "Eight Moods" · No. 5 · op. 43
  4. Claude Debussy | Preludes, Book I · "Des pas sur la neige"; "La sérénade interrompue"; "La cathédrale engloutie"; "Minstrels" Dalys: 4
    • La fille aux cheveux de lin
    • Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest"
    • Minstrels
  5. Franz Liszt | "Mephisto Waltz" No.1 · S. 514


  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Piano Concerto No. 12 · A major · K 414